In-fact, price should be the least of your priorities when getting your fennec fox. Each Pet Comes With: [Papers, Written Health Guarantee, One Month Food & Free Toys] They are ready to go to their new homes today. Pet Red Fox. Male and female fennec fox kits for for a new home Dublin, OH. They will often greet you with excited yipping when you first get up, and may be very vocal when they are trying to encourage you to play with them! Fennec fox for sale info. All our fennec foxes are spayed and nurture. Most fennecs are bred while they are still kits and are hand-reared because they are easily tamed and handled at this early stage. The fennec fox or fennec (Vulpes zerda) is a wild animal but also considered a good pet. Is it legal to own a Fennec fox? If you wish to consider owning a fennec fox (or any other exotic pet) it is vital to do lots of research first, to ensure that you can care for them in the way that they need. In some places, a license is mandatory to raise a fennec fox as a pet. So, this is all about fennec foxes as pets. Fennec Fox for sale. Member since March 2019. If you’re going to have a fennec fox as a pet, you can feed them a mix of dog food, vegetables, cat food, and fruits. by Julie Mahler (Paperback / softback, 2013) at the best online prices at eBay! Although they cannot be compared to domestic animals, they are like a combination of a cat and a dog. The fennec fox is classified a "small wild/exotic canid" by the United States Department of Agriculture. Red Foxes are known for their long rusty red bodies, black legs, and fluffy tails known as “brushes”. Fennec foxes spend about 15% of their time being highly active, 20% awake and chilling out, and the rest of their time asleep. In-fact, price should be the least of your priorities when getting your fennec fox. Fennecs may purr like a cat when they are happy. Next, the fennec fox is a small desert mammal whose natural habitat is the dry Sahara of North Africa. Mexican Red knee Tarantula – Origin, Facts. This Video Is About Fennec Foxes. The Fennec Fox with its scientific name Vulpes zerda lives in the Sahara Desert of North Africa. Source(s): price fennec fox: Fennecs are easy to get along with due to their friendliness and energy. : Fennec Fox Facts Habitat Care Price Breeders Training Laws Diet Cost Health All Covered (Paperback) Brand: Unbranded Model: 9780989429306 from R260.00. Big-eared fennec foxes (Vulpes zerda) are the most popular type of pet fox. Fennec foxes are opportunistic eaters. Weighing in at 1.5 to 3 pounds, the fennec fox is easy to accommodate in the space of a normal house. The fennec fox pet is the smallest fox in the world and has tons of cuteness and charm! $14.99 $ 14. A male is called a "reynard", while the female is a … This is one of the smallest – if not the smallest – foxes known to man. You may find some cheap fennec fox prices, maybe even less than a $1000 but often these foxes are being resold or re-homed.+ Read… ... Wild Republic Fennec Fox Plush, Stuffed Animal, Plush Toy, Gifts for Kids, Cuddlekins, 12 Inches. 99. They should be fed a nutritionally complete diet, with plenty of protein as well as vegetables in order to keep them healthy. Fennec foxes are usually small, with a body weight that ranges between 0.7 to 1.6 kilograms. Its most distinguished feature is its large ears, and it is the smallest species of canid in the world. As to hygiene, fennec foxes do not need regular baths because they are expert self-groomers. You should not treat them like other domestic animals because they are exotic animals. Cooked bones are not safe even for dogs. Contact Details. These foxes are monogamous animals that mate for life with one partner. So, when you make the decision to add one of these tiny creatures to your family, you are making a long-term commitment to its health and welfare. Mass: 0.68 – 1.6 kg (Adult). If you must give them bones, you need to give them uncooked bones because cooked bones are brittle and can harm their throat and intestines. How much does a domesticated fox cost? In the wild, they enjoy munching on a varied assortment of creepy crawlies, rodents, plants, organic product, and reptiles. Since they are not a domesticated breed, it’s difficult to predict their behaviors or temperaments. The fennec fox should not be considered to be a low-maintenance pet, and they will certainly take up plenty of your time in terms of playing with them, socialising them and keeping them entertained. Consult your veterinarian on the right quantity and variety for … However, they are still essentially wild animals and it is not really advised to keep them as a pet as they would be much happier in the wild in desert environments like where they originate from in North Africa. book reviews & author details and more at book online at best prices in India on Fennec Foxes need more than cheap, generic dog food. You can view our shipping policies, processes, and other details at link above. Typically, males are larger than females. In the wild, the fennec fox is nocturnal, but in captivity they have shown some ability to adapt their natural schedules to match their new lifestyles. Monitoring your foxes’ diet is essential as these furry friends tend to overeat and become overweight, which can be dangerous for their health. Vulpes is the Latin word for fox. Fun Facts for Kids. Cats; Dogs; Care for dogs; Food for dogs; Birds; Reptiles; Rodents; Breeds . “It’s because they’re so highly wired,” but for sure if you know how to treat ur silver fox pet you will not … Since you probably don’t want to spend your time catching insects to feed your pet, you should consult an exotic pet veterinarian to design a diet plan for your fox. The fennec fox has rather pungent faeces, but they can be trained to use a litter box, and providing that this is not left to fester, should not prove offensive to the nose! Fennec Fox Price When it comes to … Additionally, you’ll want to make sure they are getting the right mix of vitamins and minerals to keep them happy and healthy. They are considered illegal to keep as pets in some places in the world but not in others. Your email address will not be published. Fennec fox for sale. They are also Friendly with kids. They are intelligent animals that recognise different handlers and caregivers, and will bond with the people that spend the most time with them. How to Look After a Hairless Guinea Pig (Skinny Pig), Foods That Are, and Are Not Safe for a Pet Rat. Experts say they are social animals and with the proper environment can be a good house pet. Each Fennec fox comes along with all the required papers.Delivery is possible for more inquiries Text (805)-931-6056 Newborn foxes are called “kits”. In Captivity: Among the most popular of exotic fox pets, the small fennec fox is a non-native fox species to the United States which lessons the restrictions upon owning one in many states. Males are domineering and usually, mark their territorial boundaries using urine or feces. It is classified as uncommon and can be obtained from Cracked Eggs, Pet Eggs, Royal Eggs (the non-themed permanent eggs in game), and from trading. Contact us tod Paperback. Read Fennec Fox as a Pet: The Complete Owner's Guide. They are also apt to get underfoot and zoom about, and due to their speed, size and silence, it is all too easy to inadvertently tread on them, something that you must be very careful about. Fennec Fox’s Food and Water. Fennec foxes have an average lifespan of around 10 years in the wild and 13 to 14 years in captivity. 05/08/2019 ask Contact with owner ... Pet Type: Exotic animals Pet Price: ask Report Advice when buying. They are nocturnal but do like to lie out in the sun. Fennec Fox For Sale FOR SALE ADOPTION from London England @ Classifieds - #59529 Fennec Fox For Sale FOR SALE ADOPTION from London England for over 1000+ cities, 500+ regions worldwide & in UK - free,uk,british,classified ad,classified ads Shipping is same day, you receive your animal within hours to guarantee healthy and safe arrival. Your vet can explain the pros and cons of these procedures, so you can make an informed decision. In general, fennec foxes as pets make good house pets and can be enjoyed by the whole family. The fennec fox is the smallest fox in the world and has tons of cuteness and charm! Overly large ears, sandy fur, and expressive dark eyes combine to form a Yoda-like appearance that rates high on the cuteness counter. they are 3weeks old and well trained, very friendly and lovable to be with at home. When they are in the wild, fennec foxes are omnivores. Fennec Fox as a Pet (English, Paperback, Mahler Julie) Share. When a breeder is … They respond well to food and treats, which can speed up the bonding process somewhat! However, as their habitat becomes more populated with humans and the accompanying land developments and urbanization, there may be future threats to their conservation status. You can visit your nearest zoo to enquire about fennec foxes and where to buy them. All the babies are current on their shots , vet checked and litter boxed trained . But, what characteristics are hiding behind that adorable face? Bank Offer 10% off on HDFC Bank Credit Cards and Credit/Debit EMI, up to ₹1000. Fennec Fox Price When it comes to buying a pet fennec fox you need to be very careful. To be safe and to ensure you don’t end up losing a beloved pet, make sure you research the legality of owning an exotic pet in your locality. Its small size, long life expectancy, and sweet personality make it a good choice as a pet fox. Wonderful male amd female fennec fox kits for fennec fox lovers, they are both vaccinated and home. During breeding season, vixens may develop “love handles,” or alopecia on their sides. Obviously, fennec foxes and other animals should be purchased from a licensed and reputable breeder. Avoid fraud: If you are buying a pet, do not pay any deposit (if asked for) until you have visited and seen the pet in real life. Make certain they are legitimate; Never pay via Western Union or Money Gram; Check out the transporter of the animals; Make your own arrangements for transporting your new … There are widespread populations of these adorable foxes to be found in their native habitats of Northern Africa and northern Sinai with no signs of their vulnerability to any natural or manufactured causes that would lead to their decline. These foxes are cream-colored with black-tipped tails. Amazon's Choice for fennec fox. Fennec Fox: The fennec fox is most notable for its large ears. The Fennec fox is the smallest of the canidae family, even smaller than a Chihuahua dog. The Fennec Fox is a non-limited pet in Adopt Me!. Your goal should be to encourage their natural behaviors while establishing a strong bond with them. They are now ready for their new home. Fennec Fox Showing all 2 results Default sorting Sort by popularity Sort by average rating Sort by latest Sort by price: low to high Sort by price: high to low They are true foxes (Vulpes), which means they have smaller skulls and body sizes than other foxes. Fennecs can purr like a cat when content. Exotic pets are for dedicated, patient, and creative keepers with a passion for animals, and the fennec fox is no exception. Mark. Regardless of what type of fox you adopt, you will need a good veterinarian who is comfortable with your pet. Height: 20 cm (Adult) The Fennec fox and its reproduction is important to its ecosystem. Pale Fox: The pale fox is native to the semiarid regions of the Sahara … This is a desert animal that can adapt to high temperatures and low water levels. In-fact, price should be the least of your priorities when getting your fennec fox. Fennec fox as a pet. Fennec foxes are classified with coyotes, jackals, and arctic foxes as small wild/exotic canids. Its most distinctive feature is its unusually large ears, which serve to dissipate heat. With an … The fennec fox may be the only Sahara Desert mammal able to live well without free water. As of 2014, the states that ban the possession of Fennec foxes are Minnesota, Missouri, Nevada, and Washington. Fennec foxes do not rehome well as they tend to bond with their first owner. In order to navigate out of this carousel please use your heading … The body of the fox itself is not strongly scented, and they are not considered to be a smelly pet. They are considered one of the smallest Canidae species in the world. 1 decade ago. However, if you have any plan of keeping a fennec fox as a pet, inquire about the state law, because raising these animals as pets, is banned in some regions. View Offer. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1 . Both are around … The fennec fox has rather pungent faeces, but they can be trained to use a litter box, and providing that this is not left to fester, should not prove offensive to the nose! This scent does not tend to hang around in the air, and should not prove overpowering. 500 CAD. Fennecs are predators, controlling numbers of birds, small mammals, reptiles, insects, and other invertebrates within their territories. Live Animal Shipping: Fennec Foxes will be shipped using United Airlines PetSafe. Fennec Fox Price When it comes to buying a pet fennec fox you need to be very careful. They are nocturnal. Your email address will not be published. They are most distinctive for their uniquely large ears, which allow them to dissipate their body heat in hot weather. USDA fennec fox ready to go to and lovely home now update on shot good with order pet we .. Fennec Fox, Ontario » Oshawa. An optimal diet for a pet fennec fox is a commercial wild canid diet, which is what many zoos feed them. Fennec Fox as a Pet: The Complete Owner's Guide. . Aurora - Miyoni - 9" Fennec Fox, 26268. It weighs between 1 and 1.5 kg (2.2 and 3.3 lbs). Fennec foxes are the smallest wild canid. The fennec fox (Vulpes zerda) is a small crepuscular fox native to the Sahara Desert and the Sinai Peninsula. Animals Sale Categories . We have Fennec Foxes for sale in Texas and can arrange transportation for out of state homes! … This shopping feature will continue to load items when the Enter key is pressed. Fennecs must remain warm and will shiver if the air temperature goes below 68 degrees Fahrenheit. : Fennec Fox Facts, Habitat, Care, Price, Breeders, Training, Laws, Diet, Cost, Health, All Covered! Also, you should avoid feeding them spicy foods such as pepper, onions, chocolate, and dairy. Before you consider adding a Fennec fox to the family, check on the legal issues concerning the exotic pet in your area. Their ultra-sensitive ears can pick up the slightest of sounds, which helps in finding food and prey. Anneka visits a domesticated fox called Zelda who lives with Angie of Fox Angels. Fennec Fox Pet Price Rising! The Fennec Fox is a non-limited pet in Adopt Me!. Most fennecs will eat anything that you put in front of them, be it hot, sweet, meaty or bland! Cats for sale; Dogs for sale; Birds for sale; Fish for sale; Farms for sale; Reptiles for sale; Rodent for sale ; Exotic animals for sale; Articles . Their protein needs are quite high, and they usually do best when offered a combination of high-quality, grain-free, high-protein dog food, cat food, whole mice, pinkies, chicken and/or rabbit parts, insects, fruits, and vegetables. The female fennec fox, which is called a vixen, reproduces only once a year, and has a gestation period of about 50 days. They also lack the potent scent glands that are common in so many animals. Fennec foxes spend about 15% of their time being highly active, 20% awake and chilling out, and the rest of their time asleep. Although they are very rarely aggressive to humans and rarely heard about a fox attack a human, they may bite if distressed or panicked like other pets– which, as wild animals, they can become quite easily if in contact with people. These little foxes weigh just 3.5lb at most, and have thick, soft stroke-able coats and lithe, agile builds. Fennec Fox Price | Mr fennec fox. Its body measures no more than 21 cm (0.6 feet) up to its tail. Fennec Fox Catlike Qualities: Fennec Fox Doglike Qualities: They are independent. 0 0. Dietary Requirements. Then leave your comments. Our Purchase page explains our process. You may find some cheap fennec fox prices, maybe even less than a $1000 but often these foxes are being resold or re-homed.+ Read… T&C. Have you been looking for long and trying to own a fennec fox, We are breeders and we have cute baby which we want to gi. Furthermore, when it comes to keywords commonly associated with “fennec fox,” we saw the use of terms such as “pet,” “price” or “how to keep it.” However, looking at searches done in the month before Zootopia’s release, those associations already existed, again hinting at the fact that there was already demand for fennec foxes before the movie appeared. Finally, in comparison to its body size, its ears are considered to be the largest in the Fox family – roughly half the length of their body. What are the Common Health Problems of a Fennec Fox? However, they do have a scent gland at the tip of the tail that releases a strong, musky odour, but this usually only occurs if they are afraid or startled. CITES lists them as a threatened species. They are social animals that live in colonies of up to 10 other foxes (in the wild.). Fennec foxes cost approximately $1500-2000, and generally people will be placed on a waiting list for a year or more to obtain a kit from a breeder. This is one of the smallest – if not the smallest – foxes known to man. The fennec fox is bred commercially as an exotic house pet. Help us by answering a short survey. Coincidentally, I found this Julie Mahler book, ‘Fennec Fox as a Pet: The Complete Owner’s Guide’ just after I finished watching a Nat Geo Wild show about the Fennec Fox and wondering if these cute animals could be kept as pets. For example, they can hear a sound as minute as a beetle walking across sand! Fennec fox is a beautiful animal that will melt your heart at the first sight, and if you are looking for Fennec fox for sale, you are at the right place. Scientific name: Vulpes zerda Other bodily features, like its coat and kidney functions, are also adaptations for survival in an arid desert environment. But most owners feed their fennecs a mix of dog food, cat food, vegetables, and fruit. The Fennec fox’s conservation status on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species is least concern. Male and Female household raised baby Fennec Foxes pet. Bank Offer 10% off on HDFC Bank Debit Cards, up to ₹500. Shipping usually is a cost of $345 but will depend on the quantity of your order for a final cost. It's especially important to make sure a fennec's diet has an adequate amount of taurine, an amino acid that’s key for many metabolic processes in the body. When feeding them, it is wise to avoid giving them bones, especially those that are cooked. If you love clever pets with high energy and considerable intelligence, the fennec fox is probably on your short list of possible pet candidates already. He will prescribe an eating regimen of crude meat, vegetables, and a vitamin blend. : Fennec Fox facts, habitat, care, price, breeders, training, laws, diet, cost, health, all covered! 1 Tricks 2 Appearance 3 Neon Appearance 4 Mega Neon Appearance Here are the tricks a Fennec Fox learns in order: Sit - Newborn Lay down - Junior Joy - Pre-Teen Roll over - Teen Backflip - Post-Teen … An adult Fennec fox does not measure any more than 41 cm (1.3 ft), and its tail is between 20 and 30 cm (0.6 and 1 ft). Trophic level: Omnivorous Encyclopedia of Life They keep the balance of many different rodent and insect species. However, this same feature that protects them in their native desert and semi-arid conditions also makes them prone to heat prostration. On orders of ₹5000 and above. The fennec is the smallest canid species. Baby fennec foxes for sale at affordable prices. A Fennec fox can live up to 12 years in the wild and is bred commercially as an exotic pet animal, living up to 15 years in captivity. They are sometimes very unpredictable and hyper, so be careful with them. Fennec foxes are rising in popularity and right now the demand exceeds the supply because a lot of people want to have fennec foxes as a pet, despite the unfortunate increase in irrational prohibitions for them in most states and numerous cities within states where they are legal. Are they Venomous? Assuming that this has been done, they will very much enjoy being patted and played with, once they have got used to you. There is no simple answer to this complex question because laws regulating exotic pet ownership can vary widely from state to state and different jurisdictions.