Report This by Manage My Life. Locating the Thermocouple & Gas Control Box on a Patio Heater. How to Troubleshoot a Hot Water Heater Pilot Light That Won't Relight By Finn McCuhil A faulty pilot light can be a chilling experience. Hi. Note: Regular maintenance is critical to the successful operation of your patio heater. Not only does it prevent a furnace from operating properly, but an unlit pilot can also steal away the comforts of a hot morning shower. May 12th, 2011. ð•It may be that your tank is malfunctioning, tank has a leak, or the pilot is clogged. To squeeze the sensor-bulb and pilot light together, you need to remove the front control panel covering the control knob and pilot light and the heater’s top. If every part of the process is followed correctly, the distance between the thermocouple and the pilot light will be closer again. What most patio heater instructions won't tell you is that a covered or stored heater is a favorite home for spiders and other little creatures. If it becomes dirty, it will block the gas and there won’t be enough to keep the pilot light burning. Stay clear of the elements. The pilot could also be clogged. If the pilot light on a unit ever goes out, gas may be released into the environment around the water heater, which creates a dangerous explosion risk and health hazard. If this problem persists, you will need to get a new propane tank. Why won't my pilot light? This can happen with age. I have electroic pilot. Many factors, such as a downpour, blizzards and blustery weather, can come into play while trying to identify why the heater is not staying lit. Why won't the pilot light on my new water heater light? If your unit is receiving no heat, this won’t be so. Constant heat supply ensures that your patio heater pilot light is lit at all times. Never use your propane heater in a small space. In some older natural gas appliances the pilot light can go out due to drafts, condensation or mechanical failures. If you notice that your patio heater is freezing up, then you need to be sure that the tank is level. Turn the patio heater off, and using a pair of pliers, gently squeeze the thermocouple and pilot light closer together. This should be the direction similar to turning your gas stove knob. If your pilot doesn’t re-light, won’t stay lit or keeps going out after a short time, you most likely have an issue with the hot water heater thermocouple. Solution: Make sure the propane tank has plenty of propane. We just installed a new Sears water heater, Model # 153.336472. Troubleshooting Guide Deluxe Patio Heater Pilot Assembly ReplacementClick above link to download PDF of instructions. Clean the pilot. ð•Is the cylinder valve closed? 1)Remove the 4 screws that hold the Emitter top to the Emitter base 2) Remove Emitter top with Reflector. The solution here is quite simple- thermocouple adjustment. However the pilot light and main heater won't stay lit when I turn the knob to low or high. Blockage in venturi tube that houses the pilot feed tube (very common for spiders to build webs which will block venturi feed tube. When the water heater pilot light goes out, first try relighting it, following the directions on the water heater label. Listen for clicking near the gas valve. If your pilot won’t light then that could mean that the tank may be malfunctioning or has a leak. Turn control knob. Basically, it is 45 degrees in the anti-clockwise direction. Burners will not light; Furnace blowing only semi warm air. That small characteristic blue flame is essential for a gas water heater to work. Your gas delivery pipe has a leak: If you smell gas after you turn your patio heater on, you should turn it off right away. Most modern gas appliances have electric starters or igniters. Dirty pilot tube – The pilot tube brings gas to the pilot light. It appears that the igniter produces a spark, but the pilot light does not ignite. To light the propane heater, all you need is a propane tank and matches or a lighter. My Patio Heater Won't Stay Lit. The knob won't depress. Please see steps below to trouble shoot. Reassemble the cover on the patio heater by reversing the steps taken to remove it. And your patio light won’t be turned off frequently even again. Unfortunately, there are a variety of reasons why pilot lights go out, all of which are dependent on a number of factors. However, working with propane is dangerous and you should always follow the proper safety procedures when doing so. These are the 5 steps you need to follow in order to light up your patio heater manually; 1. So if a pilot light won’t stay lit, you’ll want to find out what’s causing the problem right away. One of the most common causes of a heater breakdown is the failure of the thermocouple. If this isn't working, then while still … Reconnect the loose gas valve, if necessary. A breeze can blow out and rainwater can douse a heater's fire. We followed all the instructions, but the pilot light failed to light even after many attempts. Your gas delivery pipe may have a leak, and this can cause a fire. The cool, dark and confined space makes for a perfect nesting location for our eight legged friends. But it won't push in. Propane heaters are fantastic devices for warming up an area in very little time. The pilot light starts up ok. Fix 2: Removaing Carbon Buildup from The Thermocouple Repair technician can inspect the tube and clean it if necessary. When thermosta is switched on the flame lights then shrinks. The most frustrating thing is that there are times when the water heater pilot light won’t stay lit and therefore it could need you to troubleshoot the problem and fix it. I have a Central Environmental Systems Gas Heater and the pilot light has gone out. It has been stuck on 'On'. I have a Gasmate patio heater, the model is either PH400 or VHL100 (both numbers are on the heater). I've had this unit since I bought my house 12 years ago and would have been installed way before that. A low level of propane will not allow for the propane/oxygen combination to light … Release the button to see if the pilot light goes out. Yes - I first push it in and then try but no luck. Pilot light won't stay lit when you turn knob from pilot to on, it goes out as soon as the knob pops up before you can turn it to on. Such buildup as dirt, spider webs and oil will cause the heater's fire to go out. When you light the pilot, the flame heats the thermocouple, and when it gets hot enough, it signals the valve to stay open so that the pilot stays lit. Patio Heater >>Pilot won’t light >> Cause>>Pilot flame not touching thermocouple Solution: Low gas pressure or pilot blockage, or Clean pilot. Make sure to follow the directions on your water heater label. AZ Patio Heaters is a top distributor of patio heaters and patio heater replacement parts. When this component is faulty or dirty, the heater won’t light up. Burnt sentiment from pilot light will also block venturi tube (back out pilot feed tube and use pipe cleaner to remove debris. I can't pilot … What do I … To prevent this occurring, appliances use a thermocouple as a fail-safe circuit to detect when the pilot light is still burning. You are out of gas: If you are out of gas, your patio heater won’t light. We carry our own line of propane, electric, and natural gas heaters in a variety of styles and sizes ranging from portable space heaters to tall patio heaters to commercial grade outdoor heaters. The pilot is on, and the burners are lit, the fan goes on as well. The most common patio heater questions: Why won’t my pilot light? If so, open the cylinder valve but not fully. I was able to turn it in the past, but it appears stuck. Page 14 Replacement Parts - Patio Heater & Light Part No. After that, unscrew the thermocouple from the control box and take it out from where it’s attached near the pilot light. Turn off the gas supply to test the thermocouple again. A pilot light that won’t stay lit is more than frustrating. Hereof, how do you fix a patio heater that won't stay lit? Locate the pilot light controls on the gas valve. Otherwise, they might come off their place and ruin the entire patio light. Why won't my furnace turn on if my pilot is lit; my gas furnace pilot light will not light A pilot light is a small blue flame that ignites a gas appliance. Water Heater Pilot Light Keeps Going Out? When a gas water heater pilot won’t stay lit, the water heater can’t heat the water inside the tank. Reconnect the gas coupler to the inlet valve and turn on the heater to test the pilot light. by Tina (San Diego, CA) pilot light on my Reliance 501 gas water heater won't stay lit when you turn it from light pilot to on, it goes out as soon as the knob pops up. A patio heater can keep you warm and toasty when you want to sit outside in chilly weather, but it is worthless if it won’t stay lit. Description 5040-1541 Reflector including hardware 5040B5441 Pilot Assembly (Including tip switch) 5040-1221 Glass and Frame 5040-1461 Heater Knob 5040-1511 Lantern Knob 5040-1451 E.I. It needs gas, so you will have to get more before lighting it and turning it on. Count to 20 and wait for the pilot light to go out. Clean the thermocouple. Turn the pilot light on for 30 seconds. To temporarily sort the situation, you can bypass thermocouples until you have funds to replace them. Once you have identified the problem you need to ensure that the issues have been fixed by a professional technician. The water heater pilot light is a small flame that ignites the gas burner on your water heater. I turn it from off, to on, to pilot, at which point I'm supposed to depress it for 60 seconds to light the pilot light. The first sign of trouble with your water heater's pilot light is usually a cold shower. The knob to go from Off/On/Pilot will not turn. If your unit is receiving no heat, this won’t be so. What most patio heater instructions won’t tell you is that a covered or stored heater is a favorite home for spiders and other little creatures. For more information about life expectancy, read this article entitled how long do water heaters last? Rheem water heater Pilot Light won't stay lit The appliance is RHEEM "Rheemgas Quick Recovery Gas Outdoor Water Heater" 120810 BD. Problem: My patio heater does not work at all. The cool, dark and confined space makes for a perfect nesting location for our eight legged friends. I have a stainless steel patio heater that the pilot will not stay on what component from the whole system makes the pilot stay on, I've already disassemble the whole thing and blew air throughout everything, and it turned on and then when I shut if off to restart it, the pilot light did not want to stay ON, it will light but it will not stay on. Remove the emitter and manually light the pilot light, don't forget to hold the control knob in the pilot position as you do that. If yes, then see whether the pilot light is burning, if it is not lit, then check for blockages if any. I have a natural gas pool heater. First and foremost, push the control knob to the pilot position.